Bryn Hafren Comprehensive

BYOD Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

The school defines acceptable use as activities that directly or indirectly support teaching and learning. Wireless Internet access for guests, students and staff using their own personal devices will be filtered.

Devices may not be used at any time to:

Store or transmit illicit materials or engage in illegal activities

Store or transmit data belonging to others without permission

Take, transmit or upload pictures or video

Harass others

Cause disruption to teaching and learning

Attempt to circumvent network security

School IT technicians can only offer limited support for connection issues.

The school takes no responsibility for lost or damaged devices.

The school takes no responsibility for data lost or deleted from devices.

Devices must have operating system security updates and patches and anti-virus installed and updated before they can access the network.

Rooted (Android) or jallbroken (lOS) devices are strictly forbidden.

Devices must be password protected with a PIN or strong password

Users are personally liable for all costs associated with their devices.

The school reserves the right to take disciplinary action for noncompliance with this policy.

The school reserves the right to disconnect devices or disable services without notification

WARNING: This free service is an open public network provided for your convenience and its use is at your own risk. The school cannot and does not guarantee the privacy of your data and communication while using the servi