Laptop Encryption

I'm sure you've seen or heard about all the incidents relating to confidential data loss; whether they were private businesses or government departments.  The Vale of Glamorgan Council's ICT department are fully aware of the risks when data is taken offsite and have been devising a standard which could be easily deployed and managed throughout the authority.




ICT have purchased encryption software from a company called BeCrypt:BeCrypt logo

DISK Protect™

PC security solution combining full disk encryption with strong boot time authentication.  DISK Protect has been awarded the CSIA Claims Tested Mark;DISK Protect Baseline is CAPS approved to Baseline; DISK Protect Enhancedis CAPS approved to Enhanced grade.


All new laptop purchases will include the cost and installation of this encryption software.  Any existing laptops in circulation will be dealt with over time.  Eventually ICT will contact everyone with a known laptop to agree purchase and arrange a convenient time to encrypt the laptop.  Alternatively you can contact the ICT Service Desk to request the encryption of your laptop sooner.


How do I get my Laptop Encrypted?

All new laptop purchases will include encryption.  If you already have a laptop which doesn't have BeCrypt encryption then please contact the ICT Service Desk on (01446 709)482 and provide them with a cost code.  A call will be logged and allocated to an ICT support officer.  ICT will require you to provide them with some form of identification in the form of questions and answers.  This is to validate your identity should you find yourself unable to access your laptop at any point in the future (e.g. forgotten password).  This will allow ICT to provide remote support in certain cases without face-to-face contact.  These questions and answers can be anything you like.  It is not recommended to use any common or easily guessed answers to questions; such as date of birth, your pet's name, husband or wife's name etc.

In most cases as long as the laptop has access to the vale network ICT will arrange a site visit and install the software at your desk.  The initial installation will take about 30 minutes.  In order to completely encrypt your laptop this process will take several hours; however, this process will run in the background and you will be able to continue to use your laptop whilst this completes.  Please note that until the laptop has successfully encrypted it is not recommended to store any confidential material.


Will I notice anything different once BeCrypt encryption has been installed?

The only noticeable difference to an encrypted laptop and one that isn't is the initial Disk Protect authentication screen.  When you switch on your encrypted laptop you will see the following screen:


BeCrypt boot screen


You will be required to enter your BeCrypt username and password (which will have been provided to you).  This can be set the same as your VALEOFGLAMORGAN username and password which you use to login to the council's network.

Whilst you are logged on your PC you may also notice the icons to your local drives in 'My computer' showing a lock:

Becrypt encrypted drive icon


Will I have to enter my account details twice to access the network?

No.  Once you have successfully entered your username and password at the Disk Protect authentication screen (above) the single sign-on service (which is part of the BeCrypt encryption software) will log you onto the council's network; you will only need to accept the vale's legal disclaimer.  ICT will provide training during the installation or delivery of your laptop.

This process will also enable you to change your VALEOFGLAMORGAN domain password and automatically update your BeCrypt account.


I have forgotten my password and my laptop is locked

If you have failed to enter your username and password successfully (three failed attempts) at the Disk Protect authentication screen your laptop will show a challenge code, e.g.:


BeCrypt locked


You can either restart your laptop and try again or contact the ICT Service Desk during normal working hours. 

If you do log a call with the ICT Service Desk you will be required to provide them with the last six characters (or three pairs of characters) at the end of the challenge code.  They will also require your full name, the HID reference number of your laptop (e.g. HID001234) and successfully answer one of the questions which was provided at the time of the installation (as mentioned earlier).

NOTE: If you are requiring remote support to unlock your encrypted laptop ICT reserve the right to provide any support if they are not able to identify who you are.  You will be require to bring the laptop to ICT: 2nd floor, room 34, Civic Offices.


My colleagues cannot logon to my laptop

During the installation of the BeCrypt encryption software your user account will have been added to access the laptop, no-one else.  If you have a laptop which is shared by other members of your team ICT can add their user accounts to the laptop too (maximum of 25 users per laptop).  Usernames and passwords should not be divulged to any unauthorised person.  Please contact the ICT Service Desk for further assistance.